A Evening Alone

Well, sort of alone. Alicia is up in San jose visiting her sister with Kristiaan. So, Aaron is all by himself for the week. Trevor took Aaron to the Dollar Theater last night while I stayed home with Kya and got a few things done. It was a nice time to just be by myself without worrying about when Kya was going to wake up. I cut just about a thousand coupons and am working on getting my organizer set up again (I recently spilled them all over the floor). I need to go shopping today, so it is just in time! I also got dinner made and the dishes done and the room picked up. All chores...but it was still a nice time. Trevor came home with Vanilla Coke and a single Pink Rose!!!!!!!! He is so sweet! He remembered when i mentioned at dinner a few days ago that I hadn't gotten flowers in a long time! He remembered...sometimes I think he doesn't pay attention and then out pops a rose! Flowers are a big one for me...don't really know why...they just make me feel so special! And I had been craving Coke for awhile and he brought that home too!

Well, today kya and I are going to Melody and Noah's to visit and have bible study time. We have our first Bible study tonight with the Watson's at their house. I am excited about it. I was thinking I would make "Haystacks" for the evening. I have never done it and I hear they are pretty easy. we'll see!


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