Getting over it

So, today I have been getting over my "cold" or trying to get over it at least. Right now, we just watched "The Prince and Me" with Julia Stiles and right before the end, the disc wouldn't play. Ugh! This has happened several times with Netflix and I guess is just one of the problems of sending discs in the mail. We also rented "The Perfect Score" and it arrived broken in two! We really love Netflix and believe it is worth the money, but lately it is getting hard to watch our movies!
So, today Trevor graciously went around with me to a woman's house who was selling a graco baby swing and a glider and ottoman. woo-hoo! We got such a good deal!! The swing and glider are in such good condition! And they gave us a bouncer and a car seat for free! I am not sure what we are going to do with the car seat seeing as it's probably not good to use it if I don't know where it's been...but maybe we could figure out a way to get it inspected and give it to someone or if we can't, then donate it to a Car Seat Safety Class. I mean, they were offering it for free, so I couldn't pass it up...

We are watching Jepordy and Ken Jennings right now. We never watch it, but it's a pretty good show! It's fun to see how much I know. There is a lot of Pop Culture stuff that I know, but then a lot of Math and Science stuff where I feel like Homer Simpson...So, whew! Ken Jennings lives to see another episode!

So, I hesitate to say that Kya is officially crawling but man is she sooooo close. She shimmies across the carpet now: legs and then elbows and then legs and then elbows and then pauses on her tummy to catch her breath! It is so precious!!!


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