I am feeling sad about the move. I mean truly sad. For the first time, I don't want to move. I love this apartment. It's spacious and in a great location. i won't be able to take Kya on walks to the store anymore....:( It's the passing of an era. This apartment will become a story that i tell her when she's sixteen..." The first year of your life we lived in this great two bedroom apartment over in La Habra." I know that we have wonderful days ahead, what with the holidays and being at my parents house...but oh how I will miss this place.

Tonight we are going to vista to spend the night before thanksgiving with Trevor's parents. should be fun! it will be nice to spend the night and not worry about having to drive down tomorrow.

My brother left for Paris this week to visit his girlfriend in France. Wow! now that is love! Paris isn't cheap! they are going to spend the entire thanksgiving holiday over there! My sister and brother-in-law from New York went too!! The thought of going to Paris excites me, but the thought of an hours long plane ride with Kya does not!

well, may the Lord remind all of you of his blessings and benifits this Thanksgiving!


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