Kya is feeling better

Kya is feeling better today, so I think we will be making our way to MOPS this morning. It is baby brag day, so I am bringing pictures of Kya to the meeting. I hope she lasts in the nursery. We shall see.

Trevor and I saw "I Robot" last night at the Dollar Theater in La Mirada. It was such a great movie! Just what I need to "escape". Kya loves going over to my dad and robyn's on those nights. She lights up when my step mom walks in the room. sometimes if it has been awhile, she will start to cry, but not lately. We also had cold stone Ice cream last night. what was I thinking? I always order Ice cream at the wrong time...my IBS or whatever acted up a little. So I was uncomfortable on the way home...
well, off to MOPS then!

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