Secrets of the Season

Alicia took me to a seminar today on"secrets of the season"...how to make it special on a low budget. It was really good stuff! I realized how important traditions are. I am full of joy when I consider the idea of creating new traditions for our growing family! I also was reminded how to make Christ more a part of Thanksgiving and Christmas...to not let it be about Turkeys and Santa. You would think that would be easy, but with our culture these days it is easy to get swept up in all the other stuff. Alicia was so nice to treat me to lunch and coffee afterwards. what a gift!!

Later on today I helped her lay out blankets or I should say blanket (as in one). I had a lot of fun. Kya, not so much. It was killing her to not be able to roll around on all that fabric. Then, Alicia and Aaron made Trevor and I chicken fried steak (yum!) and we went to Comedy Sportz at Biola. woo-hoo! I love comedy sportz!!


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