SO much has happened

I can't even begin to describe how much has happened in the last few days...It overwhelms me to think about how overwhelmed I am. I am so overwhelmed, that i just realized it!! Starting with the weekend...Kya came down with a cold. We took her to the Urgent Care and they diagnosed a cold. big suprise there- I guess I should have known. She was still sick on Sunday when we went out for the Harvest Festival, however, we came home and discovered she had hives...HIVES!! I mean who gets hives anymore-I don't know anyone who has ever had hives. So, monday morning it was off to the Doctor's office for Kya and myself (me, for peanut #2). Her doctor, Dr. Rueben, confirmed the cold and attributed the hives to the cold, but when I was gving her the benadryl, it wasn't working...So, we stopped by today to pick up something stronger. It is still up in the air as to whether or not this will work. You wouldn't know how sick she is by her demeanor, she is still the happy baby that we all love, if not a little tired. To top it off, I got food poisoning last night! ugh! what a wretched experience!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my house has been swallowed by a tornado of negligence. I haven't touched much since all of the above chaos...and it shows. I feel like I won't be able to get out from under it. i think I am going to have to attack it one day at a time...

And still more news...for those of you reading my blog a while back, I found out that my cousin Josh from Florida who was in a terrible car accident is doing excellent! My step mom says that you wouldn't even know he was in an accident! God is so powerful. From what I understand about the accident and how he was hit, it is a miracle he is alive let alone awake and without brain damage. What an answer to prayer!

And yet again, more news. Trevor and I applied to rent a house in La Mirada. We are really excited about it and we will see if we get it...it would be so wonderful to be in a house. Plus, we would be really close to our friends aaron and alicia.

that's not even really all the news, i just thought it would overwhelm you, to dump it all at once.


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