We are watching a really good movie. "Timeline". This is my shameless plug for "Timeline". It just came out this past year. It's a tad "B-movie", but far better than what I expected. Very intense, so much so, that I have to distract myself by writing this.

Kya went to her audition this afternoon. It went well. It was different than a regular audition. For print all they want to do is look at you and take measurements and take your photo and that's it. Short and Sweet. It was for a baby catalog of Combi Strollers. We'll see if she gets it.

Tomorrow night is my "Cookie Lee" show. I have decided to move it to my parents house since I will be staying there while Trevor is at the Men's Retreat. Then over the weekend, we will be heading down to Vista for Jessica's belated baby shower and then heather and jake come to visit on sunday. packed weekend!!

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