"all done"

I am trying to implement "baby signs" with kya. it's not going over too well, as I keep forgetting to use them and consistency is the most important thing!! I have been saying "all done", but without a sign...in fact I say "all done" for practically anything!
Trevor and I are "all done" with our Christmas shopping!! It feels pretty good to have that done. I still need to buy for him, though. And I think he still needs to buy for me!

I was part of two boutiques this past week and I have to say that it takes all your energy to do just one! I may do another one this weekend to help a woman with cancer. We'll see though.

There is so much going on...laundry, organizing the bedroom, pj pants to make, Alicia's Christmas party, Robyn comes home from Paris, Robyn may come home from Florida, The house needs to be decorated, I have a holiday women's dessert tonight and then another CM open house on the 13th!! It's just crazy!!!

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  1. I've been inconsistantly trying to teach Connor's signs, too. The only motion he will mimic is slapping your legs, but that doesn't mean anything! He doesn't even get clapping.