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I'm back in the blogging/internet/e-mail world. It's amazing to me how long I went without e-mail/internet for so long. I do so much research/reading/writing through the internet! I missed it! I am enjoying having it back!

We are officially moved!! We are staying with my parents for the holidays and then we will be figuring out the next step after that. The house we wanted to move in to fell through (they never called us back). So, we are looking for the same set up. A house to move in to over in the la habra/la mirada area (although any house in our price range would be nice). We also could go back to an apartment, although that isn't my first choice. Pray for us as we seek what the next and right step is.

The holidays are sneeking up on me!! There is so much to do, so much to wrap and buy and celebrate! not to mention getting settled here!! I am really looking forward to Christmas!!

one random thought...it is very dry in yorba linda. i mean very dry. my skin is cracking so much I can actually feel it. it's windier here too. but the Direct TV and TiVo make up for any losses. Not to mention the washer and dryer that doesn't require coins....


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