Better today

I am doing so much better today. Last night was really rough-Kya woke up every 5 minutes from about 10pm to 1 am until we gave her tylenol. She may be getting a cold, or it could just be her flu shot reaction.

I woke up this morning looking forward to MOPS and to when I can start going again in the spring!! It has been so wonderful for Me and for Kya. She has really responded to all the other kiddos in the nursery. Then I went down and had lunch with Trevor. Kya is napping right now which makes for a restful and productive afternoon for me. i have to go out later and get babyfood. Kya waffles between liking babyfood and liking table food. I may have already mentioned this, but she got a clean bill of health from Dr. Rueben. 70% for her wt, ht, and head. She weighes 21.2 lbs, she's 29 inches long, and her head in 45 cm around. The doctor said I don't have to come in for her 12 month well baby check-up, I can wait until 14 months and just start her on milk at 12 months. Sounds good to me!!


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