crazy dreams and violent mood swings

Last night I was a basket case!!! My hormones are going haywire. Seriously, it's scary. I need to get in to the doctor to make sure it is not some anxiety disorder. Poor Trevor. He came home to a tornado! Yesterday, all day, it seemed like if it wasn't one thing going wrong, it was another and the events kept snowballing all day until Trevor got home and I came unglued. I guess I just feel so safe with him and know that he will still love me. Doesn't give me the right to unravel on him, though, and that's what happened. He was still gracious enough to drive around with me to a bunch of places to drop off Creative Memories stuff to people.

The good news is that I got my qualifying order in for Creative Memories and so now I can rest easy for the next few months. The Holiday open house went VERY well. I am going to start having workshops in January, so that should be great too! I just love Creative Memories and I love to make Albums!


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