So, the big news of the last two days....we found out we are having a BOY! Woo-hoo! God has given us the desire of our heart and we will be blessed with a son!( we are also aware that ultrasounds have been known to be wrong). But we will anticipate with joy!!! We are so thrilled. Right now, we have two names that we like: Brayden David or Aaron David. There may be a Third name in the running, we are still looking at other names and the floor is still open for suggestions. I guess we will have to wait to name another daughter.

Christmas with Kya. What an experience! To see Christmas through your child's eyes is such a joy! She liked the actual presents more thatn the wrapping paper!! Once, she even unwrapped a gift and then crawled away instanty!! We decided to hold a few gifts back for her birthday because she got so many for Christmas from family and from us. And her birthday is so close that it won't matter this year at all!!!

We feel so provided for and blessed this year! God is soooooo good. He loves us and is faithful to us, even when we are not. I recieved an Air Purifier from my Dad and Robyn and a sewing machine from my Mom in Washington. So, now when I start my sewing class I will have my own machine to work on for class. The Air purifier will help with my many Allergies (did you know that I am Allergic to ten kinds of trees and ALL types of grass??-crazy!). We also recieved many wonderful gifts from Trevor's parents and family!

Trevor and I have our two year anniversary on the 28th. We have plans to stay overnight in Santa Monica, where we spent our first night as a married couple. I think I might want to visit the third street promenade shopping mall while we are there. We also will be treating ourselves to dinner with our Christmas money. We can't wait to "get away" for the short time! Trevor was able to get a feww days off to make it even more special!!

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  1. How exciting! A boy. I like both your choices of names! My youngests brothers name is David Aaron =)