"My heart is full"

My heart is overflowing right now. I feel so blessed!!
Last night we had dinner with the Voss' before the Christmas craziness. It was so nice to just hang out with them. I was so stressed out and then I went over there and it was like my body and mind said "okay, that's it, stop it right now, and RELAX!"And I did! So, much so that we didn't leave until late and that's unusual for us. They are such good friends! They always make us feel so welcome!
I awoke this morning and kya was still asleep, so I was able to take a shower! woo-hoo! And then I heard her talking to herself in her crib and it just melted my heart...she is so tender...so sweet. Even when she cries when we tell her "No-No", I still can't help but laugh-she is so cute! (I try hard to hide my laughing.) And my husband, he is so good to me! He loves me in spite of my moments of madness and even take pleasure in knowing me so well as to predict those moments ahead of time.

I get to go see the OB today ahead of schedule because of some concerns. My aches and pains have been weighing me down virtually everyday and it is only the 22nd week!

And I just found out from my step-mom that she is taking all the girls in the family to get our hair cut/colored!!! It's an early Christmas gift and I am sooooo excited. I haven't had it done since last year at this same time and I need it so bad! well, I don't need it, but it feels nice!

And heather and jake get in today at noon-ish. And Robyn is home now for the holidays. Blessed, I tell you, blessed!


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