Oh, what a week that ends

So, this week has been different. It is has been filled with the ups and downs of my raging hormones. And with plenty of good things. With the direction of my Dad, we got some of the Christmas decorations up before Robyn came home (including the Tree!). Then today, Robyn came home! It is good to have her back home. Trevor and I also got our cars cleaned out. No camera. We are still looking for our camera. It has been missing since the move...this has been plaguing me ever since I discovered it missing. This weekend I worked a little more on our Christmas cards. I worked on the flyer for the CM Workshops. And I brainstormed a little about Kya's birthday party. My sister and brother and law come Tuesday. Tonight we got high-speed internet installed here at the house, so that's awesome. And now I am going to try to install our printer on the master computer (instead of my slow-poke laptop). well, more to report later, that's it for me, for now


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