The winning streak is broken

So, the guys broke the ladies multi-year ( I think around 5 consecutive) "Pictionary" winning streak this year at Alicia's annual Christmas party. It was such a fun game and party! I think this year, out of the three years I have been going, was my favorite so far! Not that it was any more wonderful than years past, I just felt how wonderful it is to be part of such a great group of friends. And Alicia did such a fabulous job with everything. She puts so much throught and effort in to each aspect of the party. not to mention the countless hours of hard hrad work. The party guest suprised her this year with a new sewing machine to say thank you for the many yeas of great parties! It was so great to be able to give back to her the way she gives to all of us!
For the first time in awhile Trevor and I stayed long after the party had ended and we just hung out. It was so much fun just to relax after the festivities.After everyone left, We played a fun "movie buff" DVD game called "shout about the movies". I LOVED IT!

We came home and today had Jimmy and Robyn's engagement party. What a day!! It was pretty special to hear about teir "story" and some of the funny and sweet moments of their relationship. Kya loved all the people and was such a good little girl. She isn't getting much sleep during her naps though, while everyone is here..people in large quantities can't help but be loud. But Trevor broke out our new game of (Cranium)"Ziggity" and played a round. What a fun game!

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