24 hours of Football

Or at least it feels like it. ALL day. From early this morning...to games that were TiVo'd and are being watched as I write this. Will the madness ever end??

JC Penney is not winning points with me. I tookKya to get her pictures taken with Trevor today and they came out great. Only problem is, they wont be ready until the 26th!!! What?? A month? Are you kidding me? The clerk said that the Lab staff took a two week vacation after Christmas. Information that would have been helpful yesterday!! I was really hoping to have those photos by her birthday... :( The good news is Kya is adorable in the photos and it was nice to have Trevor along to help manage things.

We have officially made three names the "top three" for little baby boy "peanut". They are: Brayden David, Aaron James and Luke Aaron. I think we will be coming a decision before the baby is born, but we are not sure when.

My drother has officially settled on a date for his wedding. March 25th, 2005 also known as Good Friday. Excellent choice is a might say so. I don't know why, but I think getting married on a friday evening is very chic. It will be in Grass Valley and a little close to my due date, but I think it will be neat to be prego at the festivities.

It's hard to believe that Kya's birthday celebration is two weeks away!! One year old...sigh...


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