Finding Neverland

Last night for date night Trevor took me to see Finding Neverland with some movie tickets we got for Christmas. I was so glad he wanted to see that movie, because I have wanted to for some time, but it seemed like one of those movies you have to be in the mood for. and last night I was. We even got to stop off at Starbucks, and get a free drink with our card. So, it was a totally free Date Night!!!! The movie was sooooo good. I highly recommend it to anyone. Everything about it was good. Acting, Cimeatography, Directing, Storyline, etc. Just wonderful!!! So, go see it in the theater before it's too late!

I think I might make a trip to the Mall today. i have a gift certificate to Macy's, so i might go see what they have. Or, I may go visit Trevor and work, or go whereever.

A couple of side notes: due to my increasing size and the impending birth of Luke, I have decided to drop the sewing class on monday nights. I think I will have my friend Alicia teach me how to sew instead. It was just too hard to sit there for 3 hours in a hard metal chair. I am still looking forward to learing how to sew though!

I will also be dropping my Thursday night Scrapbooking Workshops. There has been virtually zero turnout which tells me that there is not a high demand for it right now and truthfully, because of my prego-ness and seemingly busy schedule, I don't mind. It means that my already scaled back Creative memories business will be scaled back even further, but for now, I am okay with that.


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