The Sun Shines

ahhh...What a relief to see the sun break through the clouds this morning. God is so good. What a gift of creation sunshine is. It brings with it reminders of hope and warmth and the knowledge that although we may think there is never an end to the rain...The sun will break through the clouds.

I have been convicted lately by the Holy Spirit about my selfish attitude. The fact is I have one. I think I have been walking around denying that I am being selfish and just expecting everyone else around me to pick up the garbage I leave behind as a result of it. What a crock! Who am I, that I should expect others to adjust to that?I can blame it on a million different things, but the truth is, I have the power through Christ, to change not only my attitude, but my behavior. I have made several selfish, selfish statements and done some things over the past few days (okay, weeks) and it has appalled me to look back on that behavior and realize how selfish I have become. That is not the person I want to be. And I know it's not the person God designed me to be. So, Lord...help me to change....Continue to convict me through your Word and the Holy Spirit that I may become more like you.

I should be working on my party favors for Saturday and yet here I am. It is still going well although the guest list is climbing...So that means I get to make more. They are turning out really cute.


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