to be continued...

to continue from my previous post earlier this morning...

The invitations are now in the mail and on their way to various homes. That also feels really good, to know that they are finished and out there waiting to be opened. I also feel really good about the party. I have been contemplating the idea of Kya's birthday being so close to Christmas and how to make it special. A while back I decided on a "french/pink poodle" theme. I have a lot of ideas and some of them already set into motion. It will be more of an afternoon tea-type of party...with Cake and Punch and Appetizers. I think it fits not only the time we want to have it, but also the style of party and the amount of people we invited as well as our budget.

well, I better go and get ready finally for Alicia's Alias party. It's only 2:30 afterall!


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