tummy aches

I had to go pick up Trevor at work today. He has the stomach flu. hopefully it is a 24 hour thing. i have to say I am a little concerned. when he gets sick, he gets sick. It is twice as hard to take care of a sick person with a baby in tow. i feel so bad. I want to be able to be there for him, but Kya is really taking all my time. She is having a hard time knowing he is home and not being able to play with him. She keeps reaching out down the hallway and calling for him. She is a Daddy's girl for sure! Because of Trevor being sick, I will not be going to sewing class tonight. that's a bummer. I even bough a yard of fabric to make my pillow case!!! when Kya goes to bed tonight I am going to tackle more stuff for the party on Saturday. Things are still coming together nicely.


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