The wrong side of the bed

I have to say that I agree with Trevor this morning that I wole up on the wrong side of the bed. On top of having a bad dream about Kya almost drowning, I woke up at 6am and not 6:15, which is when the alarm is supposed to off. So I sat there for the last 15 minutes debating with myself whether or not to get up and start my day or to try and go back to sleep, there by wasting that time anyway by worrying about it!

I did like waking up to the rain though. And Robyn already had a fire going, so it felt warm and cozy and wintery.

We had such a great day yesterday! We went to Disneyland with Aaron and Alicia and met Trevor for lunch. Kya went on her first Merry-go-round ride! She loved it! I loved experiencing it with her for the first time and being a part of making that happen for her! And when we were at California Adventure, we saw all of the Mickey Statues that had been auctioned off for charity...They were so neat!!


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