A day of Rest

Yesterday, I had a day of rest. Kya and I just stayed home and hung out with my step-mom. I really think I needed to take it easy. I didn't realize how tired I have been and how fatigued I am. At the Doctor's visit on Tuesday, he also said that I have iron-deficient anemia. Not a huge deal, but still cause to take it easy. He prescribed Iron supplements and it will take about three weeks for them to take effect. I researched it a little and anemia is the cause of my cravings for ice and starchy things like laundry soap. It is also the cause of my weakness, shortness of breath, irritibility, fatigue, loss of concentration, restless leg syndrome, and a bunch of other things. It validates the physical symptoms of my pregnancy. I just wish I had found out sooner because it has just seemed to me that I have been having a rough time of it for awhile. The pains of Luke moving around in my tummy have started back up again and they are still not as frequent. But, man do they hurt! I will be glad when the iron kicks in.

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  1. Glad to hear you were able to find out exactly what was causing you all those symtoms. Hopefully the iron will help a lot.