Do you know your States?

While reading my cousin's blog, "The Judes Observes", I discovered this fun US Geography Challenge. My score the first time around was 86%, 32 miles, 353 seconds...Trevor got all the way up to 96%, 8 miles, 244 secs for his finishing score!


  1. That game is addicting! My first time was 86% 46 miles 428 seconds. After 30 minutes of playing I got to 96% 3 miles 215 seconds!

  2. I wasnt' planning on playing, but when I read Alicia's comment that it was addicting, I decided to play, and it was. 88%, 32 seconds, and 391. Maybe I'll play again and try to better my score! Happy Stateing

  3. Okay,after I posted, the obsessive side of me took over and I played for over an hour until I got a perfect score! (in 198 seconds no less!)