getting over it

well, I am over my sickness from this weekend...except that i have residual congestion at night which makes it hard to sleep. Trevor gave me a hard time this morning (playfully of course) about not getting enough sleep...because he says that when I don't sleep he doesn't sleep!

Today i am stopping in to the doctor's office to see about some prego-related aches and pains. hopefully they will be able to help relieve some of the pain I have been having. I have been thinking about all of the women who have complications during their pregnancies and i get overwhelmed at the thought of having to go on bedrest, etc. I mean, seriously, bedrest with Kya...no way!!

I am thinking I will TiVo "Super Nanny" tonight....it is on really late (which when you think about the suggestions it might give kids) and so it's past our bedtime. But, with TiVo, 10pm becomes 8am for me!!!


  1. Don't you just LOVE Super Nanny?! I almost cried watching some of it, it is so heart wrenching seeing these moms struggle with this stuff. I'm up super late every night, so I don't miss it!

  2. She is so good at what she does!!! Trevor and I watched it and took mental notes for the future (and some of the present).