a little scare

well, Saturday we went to visit the Carmichaels in Helendale (Victorville). And at about 8 pm, after a lovely dinner and during the movie we were watching I began to feel contractions they weren't consistent, but at 9pm, they increased to five minutes apart and stayed that way for the next hour. So scary!! We called the doctor and he advised to come down to Orange County and straight to the hospital. So, that's what we did. We packed up, baby and all and headed down. my dad and robyn met us at the hospital and took care of Kya. They did a bunch of tests including a non-stress test, a fetal fibrotein test and a urinalysis. I didn't have a urinary tract infection and the fetal fibrotein test came back negative. I wasn't dialated at all, which is also good. However, I was still having contractions that were two to four minutes apart! So they gave me two injections of trebutelyne and one oral dose as well to stop them. I was finally sent home, thank goodness, and i have another non-stress test today and i am supposed to decrease my activity and continue to take the trebutelyne. The weird thing about this drug is that it makes you feel like you have had about 10 cups of coffee and your pulse hovers at between 80-110, even at resting!! crazy! So, the next step is the results of the non-stress test and then my appointment next monday with dr. linzey....


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