I might be obsessed with blogging. I feel the need to write, or journal, or whatever you call it. It might be that I am pregnant...I can always blame it on that.

I was a complete idiot this afternoon at the Library. I stopped by with Kya to kill time before Trevor got home and to see about a Library card and "Laptime Storytime". So, I'm up in the Childrens section and my cell phone rings...I answer it and think to myself "Maybe this is a bad idea." But, now I have answered the phone. So I am talking to Trevor and the Library Lady (yes, you know the type) walks up and says "You need to either take that outside or hang up." Boy, was I shamed into compliance! I lowered by head and tried not to look at all of the children who saw "the shaming" and I headed home. Interestingly enough, as I am leaving the Library I notice a big red and black sign near the entrance that says "Absolutely No Cell Phone Use". hmmm...Where was that sign when I was walking in?

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  1. Blog on! I'm glad you blog a lot. It is always interesting reading for me =)!