So, that's fine...I guess

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and they told me what i thought...that's there's nothing medically they can do for my aches and pains...The NP said it's all related to my Varicose Veins and that I should try a different maternity belt and see if that helps. Also, that I should just take it easy and try to rest whenever possible. Well, that probably won't happen....having a one year old who doesn't walk makes it nigh-unto-impossible to sit down for long periods of time, but I did pretty well on Sunday with Trevor around. So at least I will get a considerable amount of relief on the weekends. He is so good to me, by taking care of her when I can't or I am feeling tired!

Yesterday Alicia came over and so did Esther. I really enjoy both their friendships. I haven't spent time with Esther during the day like that in a long time. It was nice! Alicia was kind enough to watch kya while I went to the doctor, too!


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