under the weather

Today I am feeling very under the weather. I did not sleep well and got a horrible headache in the middle of the night. It has been pounding all day, even with tylenol. I think it may be related to my sinuses. Kya has been great all day. i thought she was feeling sick too...but i think it is her teeth. She has taken two long naps today and been playing by herself for the last 1/2 hour.

We discovered that Kya has two new teeth towards the back of her mouth. We didn't notice it until last night when we were all horsing around and she laughed and we saw these two white nubs on either side of her mouth! Holey Moley! That's four new teeth (counting the two teensy ones coming up on the front bottom) and it brings the count to ten teeth!!

I had the best time last night with my friend Toni. She lives closer to me now that we live in Yorba Linda. She and her husband just bought a house and so I went over there to visit with her and hang out. we were trying to make it a four-some with two of my other girlfriends from College, but they couldn't make it. Toni baked (a la brian, her husband) these delicious breaded chicken bundles! Oh my goodness, they were so good! And i brought a salad and cream soda (it has not caffiene!). and we had dinner and talked about everything! It was so much fun to get away for a few hours with a friend and just talk.


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