Another scare

last night trevor and I went out on a date to celebrate his birthday. by the end of the evening I was having contractions and we went home so i could rest. I awoke this morning to more contractions. I called the doctor as I was having about 4-5 per hour. They told me to come in to Maternal Fetal Testing so they could monitor me for about 30 minutes. I was there for about 23 with absolutely no contractions (go figure) and then all of a sudden i had four right in a row for about 15 minutes. they gave me an extra shot of terbutaline and the contractions subsided. i then was sent home and told to come back tomorrow at 9:30am. They nurse called back this afternoon to say that she spoke with Dr Linzey and he wants me to now take 2 pills every four hours instead of just one. So, that's good! A little scary though to be having contractions close together again.


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