Bed Rest for a Day

per doctors orders i am on bed rest for one day to see if my uterine irritability will subside.

Taking a break from lying down, I decided to post a very important excerpt from my cousin Jason's blog:

Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for Your law is not obeyed."Psalm 119.36

The situation in the Schiavo family is overflowing with depravity, with disturbing decisions being made across the board. Teri's feeding tube was removed today, as Judge Greer has refused to consider the efforts and evidence that war in her favor. It is impossible to remain neutral in this issue, as the motives and unwillingness of those with power to act are painfully obvious.Terri will now starve to death over the next two weeks. Her story is tragic, and a horrific precedent for future situations. The depth of information regarding her story, and ways to raise a voice, are available on this blog.


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