kitty cat

so, tonight as we are home just doing our thing, after dinner and putting Kya to bed and so on, "kitty" my sisters grey cat(I think she is around 8-9 years old) was meowing up a storm. she usually only does this for a couple of reasons. one, is when my parents come home. two is when she needs to be loved on, and three is when she is hungry. I ruled out one and two and three never even crossed my mind because she always has food. so, i am getting really upset because she wont stop and she keeps getting under my feet and making me trip over myself. As i am going in to the kitchen, she is following me and I think to myself "could it be the food?" I walk back there and sure enough NO FOOD! How could this be and further more, how long had she gone without food? poor kitty. So, I filled her bowl and that was that. Boy, though, constant cat meowing should be made into an alarm clock...man that would wake me up fast. that and the sound of a baby throwing up. But, I'll save that story for another time.


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