A little bit of randomness

Things I have been thinking about lately...

1. Strawberries are in season...They taste so good, and yet stain so bad!
2. Kya does not like diced peaches
3. Kya likes peach yogurt smoothies
4. I missed "Supernanny" again last night
5. I am sad that I am going to miss my brother Jimmy's wedding
6. It's beginning to look and feel like shorts season
7. The March Madness (Basketball) has started in our household
8. The Corner Bakery makes a delicious Panini (Pomodoro)
9. Grammy and Gramps (Kya's great grandparents) have a special bond-she takes to them immediately and is never shy.
10. The innevitability of "Barney" in Kya's life. The purple dinosaur has a way with kids
11. I love reading with Trevor to Kya the same book every night "Colors-Buginnings".
12. Praise the Lord that Luke is in my tummy one more day


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