The West Wing

This season of the West Wing has been excellent. My parents are avid watchers and last night after dinner and Kya going to bed, Trevor was doing homework for his classes, so I decided to watch it with them. wow! It is so good. A little complicated in parts and thick with political jargon and fast wit, but I could still follow it. My dad likes to call it "Left Wing" and i have to agree. It is does have the occasional agenda or political statement to make, but over all it isn't too pushy.

I also tackled the laundry yesterday (all day) and I have to say that it is much easier to handle a few loads at a time, instead of 6-10 at a time, which is what can happen with me! i was able to also Iron the clothes that needed it right then, which is something I never do, but would like to. So, yeah for me!!


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