Copy Cat

I just read Wendy's blog and woo-hoo for Connor and his fifth word! I have this desire to now tell you about Kya's words...( I know it's copying wendy to write about it, but I can't resist. )
First word: dada
Subsequent words, not in any order: mama, thank you, bottle, purple, blue, and "me"
Many of these words are voluntary. Like when we drive to see Trevor at work, she says "dad" in the parking lot. Some of them, need prompting such as "Kya, can you say Purple?" and then she say the word. It is sort of a "cave-man" language. Often times, she speaks in complete sentences of gibberish. She associates many words with objects, but has yet to say them. For example: socks. she knows what they are, where they go and will get them if you ask her too. This can be said for her bottle as well. Yesterday, I asked her to bring me the blue star (out of a choice of that and the orange ball) and she brought me the blue star!

Still struggling with the whole whining thing...but yesterday we used our "Supernanny"/Babycenter technique of getting down to her level and looking her in the eye and that worked pretty good. Now, all I have to do is be consistent!


  1. And let's not forget her so cute "jumpin'." A friend of ours has an 18 month old with a vocabulary of over 125 words! He's one of those who will just immediately repeat a word. I love when they start talking.

  2. I like watching Super Nanny! Even though John and I don't have kids yet, we are alsways saying to eachother to remember that, or make sure we do it that way =)