I did it!

So, today Luke had his two week doctor's visit. I realized last night that there was no one available to babysit Kya this morning. (Most all of my friends who would be willing to watch Kya live about a half hour away and it makes little sense to drive that far only to turn around and come back this direction. So, i decided to try the unimaginable. Take Kya with me. i knew that this particular doctor's office did not have room for my gigantor of a double stroller. So this meant that I woud have to take Kya in the umbrella stroller and Carry Luke in his Carrier with my other arm and I did it!!!! It was a little awkward getting stares from passers by, but it all worked out and both Kya and Luke did very well.

The report from the doctor is this: he is 8.2 lbs, still 19 1/2 inches. and his head is 36 in. he is in the 50th percentile for wt and his head and 25th for length. His juandice has almost gone, only a little yellow in the eyes. He has a teensy bit of thrush and the doctor said to wait and seeif it goes away or gets worse and to call that in and he will call in a perscription. i like this doctor's office and if we were to stay in Yorba Linda, I would probably switch to this pediatrician. Dr Aguilar and Dr. Bihndra. Luke has only seen Dr. Bihndra. Nice guy and suprisingly young., like in his early thirties.

Trevor went to the "Baker to Vegas" Relay Challenge over the weekend and had a great time! It was exhausting, but he came home in good spirits. His team (anaheim PD) did well, but not as well as last year (lots of injuries and such).

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  1. Good for you! You are a supermom in my book. Lately, I've been imagining what it would be like to have to chase Connor if I had another little one... it tires me at just the thought!