No, not Kya, but her Mommy. I am being "weaned" off my medication and by friday I will be off of it completely. The doctor also has me coming in to get a non-stress test twice a week until the baby is born (my diastolic blood pressure is a little high). It's reassuring to know that the doctor is watching me so closely. If I go into labor over the weekend, he will be on call, so that is nice!!!

I am feeling very tired at the moment...lethargically so. It's weird. I went to bed tired, I am waking up tired, and I haven't even had baby #2 yet!

I finished all of my thank you's for the baby shower. whew! It is nice to have that off my plate. Alicia, as a part of giving a shower, always makes thank you cards for the guest of honor. I think it is such a thoughtful gesture. It makes it so easy to get them out faster!


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