A Word in Edge-wise...

So, I have to hurry to write this. i have put off writing in my blog for a while now and i just wanted to update.

First, Happy Birthday Alicia! (I meant to write that yesterday) i hope it was as relaxing as you needed. And I am so glad you are feeling better!

Second, I stopped by my aunt and uncles last night, just to say hi and I had such a great time visiting! It dawned on me that I have reached a point in my life where I relate to them and the rest of my family on an adult level. i can share about "the kids" or marriage or whatever and it is wonderful!!

Third, I have the best husband! He "babysat" last night while I ran a few errands. What a guy!

Fourth, Trevor is going to Vegas this weekend with the Anaheim PD for the "Baker to Vegas" Relay Run. I will be cheering them on in spirit and will be hanging out here with the family.

Fifth, I love Luke!! He is so precious and tiny! And I love Kya!! She is so full of delight and wonder! There is always something to explore!

Sixth, To all my friends who have blogs...I love reading them and seeing what is going on in your lives! it makes me feel like I see you everyday!

okay, that's it for now!


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