Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers out there. I admire you for the daily sacrifices you make for your children. As my Dad and Robyn say..."When your Children can talk...one day they will rise up and call you blessed."

i will be sort of MIA for the next week. My parents are getting their hardwood floors re-finished and so the computer needs to be moved into a more "dust-free" environment, which means..no internet (GASP!). Yes, it will be a tribulation of epic proportions! :)

Today we went over to my brother Jim's new home for lunch, his wife, robyn made lasagna and we got to tour their home and look at wedding photos. it was nice not to have to worry about a meal. Tonight Trevor is treating me to Starbucks!!! woo-hoo!

This week may involve a trip to Modesto with Trevor to take care of some business stuff for his office. We will get to go together and stay overnight with the kiddos. We will also get to go on a city by city tour of some of my dad's shopping centers-specifically visalia, where the new Kohl's has been built. I will bring back photos to post.


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