House History

Does your house have a history? what about the one you gre up in? Do you know who lived in your house before you? Living with my parents for the last six months has given me the opportunity to revisit many special memories and ponder the thought of who was here before us, and what their story may have been. And now, i am helping to create Kya and Luke's "story". Does your house have a history?


  1. We didn't stay any place long enough when I was growing up, but I remember feeling that way about my grandparents house when my grandpa died and it was sold.
    It can be hard to let go of good memories, but how exciting to be able to creat new ones in new places with our children!

  2. Hm, I haven't given it much thought before. I have wondered what type of people have lived here before us and how many different families have moved in and out since the house was built back in 79.

  3. What did you think of the last episode of House?