Supremely Satisfying Television

The Finale of American Idol on Wednesday night was one of the most satisfyi ng 2 hours of television I have ever watched. It ranks up there with Alias. I was truly sad that there had to be a winner and a loser. Carrie and Bo are both so great! They both deserve to win! I was enthralled with Carrie's performances on the last night. She has such a purity to her voice!

Trevor and I and the kids are enjoying a rather boring and quiet Saturday. We are just coming down from having the Voss family stay with us (they were having their house tented). They are so much fun to have around, and it makes for lots of laughs, giggles, and tired children! Alicia made dinner for us one night and then lunch the first day (her yummy nachos).

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  1. I agree with you about American Idol. It was an awsome show. I liked both Carrie and Bo and was sad to see that one had to loose. I'm sure though, that Bo will be picked up for a record deal in no time (probably already has been =)