Freeway Etiquette

on our short drive down to vista yesterday, i noticed that there if it weren't for unspoken freeway etiquette, there might be many more accidents. For instance, at the light on the on-ramp...who decides who goes first. Usually, i look over to the person in the other car, and if they look at me, I signal to them that they can go in front of me. If they don't look my direction, then I slow down to indicate that it's okay for them to go ahead of me. Actually, I pretty much defer to the other driver in almost all circumstances...it saves me a lot of grief and stress on the road. Not to say that I am not frustrated with the occasional slow driver...I can get pretty peeved...I just don't do much about it, except maybe honking-that's my downfall. I am a honker. My husband talks to the other cars, I honk. What about you...do you talk or honk?

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  1. I don't honk for fear of getting shot... seriously. I've spent a lot of time commuting, so I think I'm fairly aggressive. Basically, I'll only yeild to someone else if it's obvious that they have a death wish or they are worse than me. I haven't driven distances as much since Connor, but when I do in traffic, I realise that I've got a short fuse for road rage!