It goes down like water

I have made two batches of Iced Coffee since I had a cup o' cold joe the last time I was at Alica's. Nummies! I am addicted to it! It is so refreshing on a hot summer day. Trevor and I down an entire pitcher by ourselves!

Kya, Luke, Robyn and I all went to IKEA today. Let me just echo a good friend's theory that the "terrible twos" are actually "terrible ones". I know thatthis stage passes, however, Kya unloaded her biggest crying spell today at IKEA. It was not pleasant. I think she cries even more when she gets any attention for it! To make matters worse, Luke started to cry too! The good news is, IKEA was awesome! I love that place! And they are having a SALE!

Since having my car's new brakes and the oil changed, I have added 50 miles to my gas mileage....50!!! Holy Moley!


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