Let the Sun Shine In

Today Kya, Luke, and I spent the afternoon at Alicia's. Wendy was there with Connor (he is he same age as Kya). And Cory, whom I met last night, was there with her two daughters, Kylee and Ashley. Again, so much fun! There was Chicken Salad and Smoothies for lunch...The kids all played well together...And I had a great time visiting with the girls!

In semi-unrelated news, Kya is not eating too well these days. She is able to communicate much more clearly now, and is able to tell me what she wants if I phrase a question in the formed of a yes/no answer. "da" means yes and "na" means "no". So, today, she politely has told me at all three meals that she is done with her meal after only a few bites. We are constantly working on manners/behavior/habits and it can be a little trying at times, but I am so thrilled that she can communicate even as much as she is.

Yesterday, Grandma asked her is she was going "potty" and she said "da". Not three minutes later did we smell the evidence!! If you ask her "Kya do you want to go down the hall?" She says "da' and heads down the hall!! It's going very well.


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