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I have been slacking in my blogging as of late. I find that I have little to talk about and much to get done. Luke and Kya can demand a lot of time.

I have been feeling very close to Kya. she is my special little girl and her smile lights up my day. I love when she calls for me after her nap. She is quite proficient at saying "Momeeeee" (with an emhasis on the eeeee!). I also love to watch her walk around the house. She pushes her belly out and sort of waddles as she walks!

Luke spends a good portion of his awake time cooing and smiling and I need to be more proactive about putting him on his tummy for some quality tummy time. But, I am afraid Kya will squash his head or something.

Today was a day rich in blessings. I was blessed by fellowship with Esher and Alicia and Corey at our weekly thursday morning get together and this evening I was blessed by some quality time with Trevor on our date night! And we didn't fight at all!


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