Pay Dirt. That's what I hit! I found all of my clothes that I was wearing before I was pregnant with Luke. What a jackpot! The only thing is....they were in the garage the whole time we were looking for them in the storage unit. They had been packed with a bunch of towels, which is why we missed them-we thought that it was a box of towels! Anyway, I am really thrilled about this. It's like having a whole new wardrobe (without having to pay).

This weekend Trevor and I fit more stuff in to our storage unit. woo-hoo!

Both Kya and Luke have runny noses and a cough. It's so sad to see them so miserable. Luke can barely breathe. I have to suction his nose out with an aspirator. I have given them a little decongestant and tylenol. We will see if that helps.

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