Mimickery and Baby Boos

Let me preface this post with the statement that I should be in bed right now, but my brain is going a mile a minute!

Today was a really fun day! we went over to the Voss' home and spent the day eating delicious food and playing games, watching movies, and watching the fireworks at La Mirada park.

As we were eating dinner, Kya reached out for both Trevor's hand and mine, as if were going to pray and then when we joined her hands, she bowed her head and started mumbling and then looked up! It was so precious to see her "praying"! It brings the idea of living by example new meaning!

Both Kya and Luke recieved moderate boo-boos today. No one was hurt that bad, just a few tears...I hate to see them hurt at all, but i guess it's just a part of life.

Tomorrow we will be enjoying more Fourth of July festivities with the Voss here at our home. woo-hoo!


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