Oh no you don't!

Just when you thought it was safe...Trevor came down with "it" today. Or shall I say last night. He stayed home from work today and this time it was me taking care of him! He did help a little in the afternoon when he was feeling better...but he has been MIA in the bedroom for most of the day. Kya loved having him home and would try every trick in the book to creep into our bedroom to play with him. she herself is struggling to get over "it". It seems to be the kind that creeps up on you and then wham! suddenly you have a cold! And then just like that (snap) you feel tons better.

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  1. Gee, Cold's in the summer, those are the worst! I remember having a really bad one right before my wedding. At that point I was super glad I hadn't chosed the weekend before to get married or it would have been miserable. Hope you all get better. The heat and a cold are just a yucky combo!