Bible Study

This morning I went to a new bible study at a friend's church. It is the same church at which i attend MOPS. I feel a little sheepish because I was so excited about it last week and then I didn't even do the study for this week. I was really convicted about my relationship with God and what I am not doing to get to know Him better. This very topic has been on my mind for the last two weeks and I know God is calling me to Himself and he wants me to draw nearer to Him. With my current state in life I am easily distracted as well as overwhelmed by so many other things that it seems like the very last thing I want to do is open up myself emotionally to the Lord so that all ugly, puss-infested sins can be cleansed and healed by the Lord-which is exactly what I know will happen. i know I will only benefit from seeking the Lord. So why do I run the other way sometimes and turn myself off emotionally?


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