Can you say "Please"?

Some of Kya's new words include:
Bob (Trevor's uncle)
Eileen (Trevor's Aunt)
Aunt Pat
Uncle Jim
Banana (monkey noises)

I am holding out for please and thank you. Drastic measures may need to be taken to encourage her!

We spent the evening over at Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim's house. Kya and Luke were thouroughly loved on. Kya was so excited to drive up and see Mimi and Pappap (Trevor's parents) walk out to greet her! And she took a special liking to Uncle Bob (He and Eileen were down from Washington). It was nice to have some company on Trevor's last day of training at Spagettit Factory. It's lonely around the house without him. This next weekend he will start his own tables. woo-hoo!