Do you do this?

So I have been doing my thing all day...taking care of the home, the kids, the husband and as I go through my day sometimes I think to myself "I should post about this on my blog." It happens to me several times a day. It happens so often that by the time I actually get to post, I end up forgetting what it was I wanted to post about. Here are a few Post Subject titles that never made it on my blog:

The Crime Fighting Trio:
(about a dream I had with Trevor and Brad Pitt-Trevor was my love interest and Pitt was our wacky side-kick).

Diner Smash:
Why I will never be good at the game "Diner Dash" ( I was a terrible waitress in real life, why would I think it would be different in a game!)

Mission Organization!
(this is my current favorite show on HGTV)

The talent of my good friend Alicia :
(She deserves more than just a post to tell you how truly talented and gifted she is-the best part about her talent is that she loves what she does!)


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